Jason P. Lester is an EP1C Ultra-Endurance Athlete, author, winner of ESPN’s ESPY Award “Best Male Athlete”. Lester has survived more trials, endured more horrors and surmounted more obstacles than would fit in a Hollywood film. After each upset, letdown, and setback he   has recommitted himself to pursuing his dream of becoming an accomplished athlete, despite his challenges. 

Founder, Chairman and Chief Inspiration Officer of EP1C Inc., which houses events such as – EPIC5™ Challenge, 3PICMAN™, EPIC100™ World Championships, H2OMAN™ and 3NDURAMAN™. He is the Founder and President of EP1C Performance and Endurance Center in Kona, Hawaii and is the Chairman of The NEVER STOP Foundation. In his memoir, Running On Faith: The Principles, Passion, and Pursuit of a Winning Life (HarperOne), Lester shares the nine lessons that led him to achieve his dreams and find his calling. He lives these lessons every day, doing everything to the best of his ability, with intense drive and passion.

Providing audiences with the tools to overcome the adversity they may face and pursue their passion, Lester demonstrates a practical and inspirational guide to never giving up in the game of life.

Lester is the creator of such boundary breaking endurance events as the EPIC5™ Challenge, 3PICMAN™, EPIC100™ Ultra Marathon, who ran 1,000 miles and Biked 4,000 miles across the United States for Nike’s Journey for a Better World. On May 5th, 2013 – Lester ran 3,550 miles across the United States, becoming the 4th fastest runner to run from San Francisco to New York City in the last 80 years.

Lester grew up in Arizona, where he became obsessed with sports as a coping mechanism and by age 12, developed into a skilled athlete with numerous accolades. As fate would have it, he was hit by a car while riding his bike, resulting in 21 broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a paralyzed right arm, stifling his dream of excelling in sports. As Lester was slowly leaning to adjust to his challenges, his father and sole guardian died at the young age of 39. 

Still, inspired by the memory of his late father’s love of athletics, Lester grew up to become a star in high school and college athletics. By the age of 16, he was competing in running and biathlon events. After participating in countless races, including 5k, 10k, biathlons and marathons, Lester was ranked #2 in the state of Arizona in biathlons at the age of 18. 

The turning point in Lester’s athletic career came from a visit to the Big Isle of Hawaii to watch the 2004 Hawaiian Ironman Championships taking place in Kona and it was there that his spirit was totally overcome by the awe of this race.  He felt re-energized and came to believe that this was his life’s calling. With a goal to race the Hawaii Ironman World Championships himself, Lester began a rigorous training schedule. While he continued with the intensive workouts in preparation for his first big race, the Arizona Ironman, Lester began to notice something truly amazing – he was regaining movement in his paralyzed arm. 

Lester achieved a personal and sports milestone by becoming the first challenged athlete ever to complete the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii on November 30, 2008, finishing the grueling ultra-distance triathlon where he swam 6.2 miles, biked 261.4 miles and ran 52.4 miles to the finish line. In the year leading up to the 2009 Ultraman World Championships, Lester raced in the Ironman World Championships, represented the USA in the Triathlon World Championships in Germany, and completed Ultraman Canada (double Ironman). 

Today, Lester lives and trains in Kona, Hawaii.

In 2007, Lester founded The NEVER STOP Foundation, which is dedicated to using athletics as a tool to encourage all youth to have the chance to achieve their full potential. The goal is to help those in their formative years find their own true voice, help them build their confidence, improve their communication skills and learn the values of discipline, trust, compassion, self-reliance, and respect.




 HAPUNA100 – 100 mile run on sand. 30hrs non-stop (no sleep) 2014

CHA11ENGE ENDURANCE RUN – Ran 72 hours Non-Stop (No Sleep) 2014 

The GREAT WALL Run – Set a World Record by becoming the first person to run The Great Wall of China in 83 days (2014)

Squaw PEAK15 Mountain – Set new course record, Summit 15x in 24 hours (2014) 

Ran Across the United States— 3,550 miles (4th Fastest athlete to run from San Francisco to New York (The official course across America)

OPIOPIO BENIFIT— Ran 110 miles on a treadmill in 24 hours (2013)

Squaw Peak Mountain— Set the course record, Summit 13x in 24 hours (2013)

3PICMAN— Completed three consecutive iron distance triathlons in 52 hours (2012) 

Nike Journey for a Better World — Ran & Biked 5,000 miles in 102 days across the United States (2012)

26X26 — Ran 26 Marathons in 26 Consecutive Days (2012)

3PICMAN Challenge® — 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike and 78.6-mile run in 51hrsRan 26 Marathons in 26 Consecutive Days (2012)

EPIC100® — Ran 100 miles non-stop from Kailua-Kona to the Top of Mauna Kea Mountain 15,000ft (2012) 

RUNMAN® — Ran 230 miles around the Big Island of Hawaii – 5 1/2 Days— 6 Days Non-Stop (2012)

H2OPE Badwater for Clean water — Ran 316 miles from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney, 2011 ( 1st male athlete in the world to complete ) (2011)

EPIC5 Challenge® — 5 Iron Distance Triathlons – 5 Hawaiian Islands in 5 Days, 2010, 2011, 2012 ( 1st athlete to complete 3x )

ESPY Award Winner, 2009 (1st male triathlete to win an ESPY)

ULTRAMAN Canada, 2008 Finisher (4th place overall in the run), 2009 Finisher (14th place overall)

ULTRAMAN Hawaii World Championships, 2008 Finisher (24th overall), 2009 Finisher (18th overall), 2010 Finisher

IRONMAN Hawaii World Championships, 2008 Finisher, 2009 Finisher ( 1st in Category )

IRONMAN Arizona, 2007 Finisher, 2008 Finisher

IRONMAN Western Australia, 2007 Finisher

70.3 Honu, 2009 Finisher (3rd in age group, qualifying for Ironman World Championships), 2010 Finisher

Ultramarathon – Hilo to Volcano, 2008 Finisher (9th place overall)

ITU Triathlon World Championships, 2007 (6th place), 2008 (2nd place)

The Nautica New York City Triathlon, 2007 (2nd place)

Duathlon – Pac Crest Endurance, 2008 (3rd in age group)

USAT (USA Triathlon) PC Athlete of the Year, 2008

USAT (USA Triathlon) PC Athlete of the Year Finalist, 2007

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Jason Lester 是征服这一宏伟历史的变革者,他的唯一目的是在全球范围内掀起一场变革,通过这种鼓舞以连接世界。

Lester是Running on Faith的作者,同时也是EP1C公司的创始人,该品牌为像EPIC5 Challenge这样开创性的耐力赛提供住所。Lester还是NEVER STOP基金会的创始人和董事长,他作为耐克“更好的世界”的品牌和运动代表,在100天内骑行5, 000英里跨越美国。最近,Lester还在72天内横跨美国跑了3,550英里,为桑迪飓风的受灾者募集资金并呼吁各界关注,他想要通过他的运动天赋激励其他人永不停止。此外,Lester的卓越事迹还包括:他在跑步机上跑了24个小时以为癌症患者筹集资金;他在72小时内完成铁人三项以表示他对桑迪胡克小学校园枪击案的受害者致以默哀。他是第一位为了在印度建造干净的水井而从拉斯维加斯跑到惠特尼顶部,跑了316英里却一刻都不停歇的男性运动员。




这次远征的目的是激起人们内心的希望、改变、保护、传承和荣耀。他邀请您加入全球鼓舞联盟(Alliance of Global Inspiration)并成为这一伟大探险的一员。请考虑支持这一使命,对于您的深思熟虑我们深表感谢!









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关于Jason P. Lester

Jason P. Lester是EP1C超耐力运动员、作家、ESPN的ESPY“最佳男运动员奖”获得者。Lester经历的考验、磨难和障碍比好莱坞电影里的设置还要多得多。在一次次的不安、失望和挫折过后,尽管他面临着很多挑战,但他依然执着于自己的梦想,渴望成为一名成功的运动员。

Lester是EP1C公司的创始人、主席和首席鼓舞总裁(Chief Inspiration Officer),该公司为很多活动提供住所,如EPIC5™挑战赛, 3PICMAN™, EPIC100™世锦赛和3NDURAMAN™。他还是EP1C Performance和Endurance Center在科纳和夏威夷的创始人和总裁,以及NEVER STOP基金会的主席。在他的回忆录Running On Faith: The Principles, Passion, and Pursuit of a Winning Life (HarperOne)中,Lester分享了9个让他得以实现梦想、找到自己使命的教训,他每天谨记这些教训,以十足的动力和激情,尽自己所能地把每一件事情做到最好。



尽管如此,受到他已故父亲对田径热爱的鼓舞,Lester长大后成为了高中和大学里的田径明星。16岁的时候,他完成了竞跑和冬季两项赛事。在参加了五千米、一万米、冬季两项和马拉松等赛事之后,Lester 18岁的时候就在亚利桑那州的冬季两项中排名第二。





Squaw Peak Mountain— Set the course record, (2014)


斯阔峰(Squaw Peak Mountain——创造新纪录,在14小时内登顶15次(Summit 15x in 14 hours)(2014)


跑步穿越美国(Ran Across the United States——3,550英里。从旧金山到纽约(穿越美国的官方路线)跑得第四快的运动员(2013)


OPIOPIO BENEFIT——24小时内在跑步机上跑了110英里(2013)


斯阔峰(Squaw Peak Mountain——创造新纪录,在24小时内登顶13次(Summit 13x in 24 hours)(2013)



耐克“更好的世界之旅”(Nike Journey for a Better World——102天内穿越美国,跑步加骑行共5,000英里(2012)




3PICMAN Challenge®——15小时内:7.2英里游泳,336英里骑车,78.6英里跑步






H2OPE脏水换净水(H2OPE Bad water for Clean water——从拉斯维加斯到惠特尼跑了316英里,2011(世界上第一位完成的男性运动员)(2011)


EPIC5 Challenge®——5次铁人距离三项——5天内5个夏威夷岛,2010,2011,2012(第一位完成3次的运动员)


ESPN的ESPY奖项获得者(ESPN’s ESPY Award Winner,2009 (第一位获得ESPY的男性运动员)


ULTRAMAN Canada,2008年的完成者(竞跑中的第4名),2009年的完成者,(整体第14名)


ULTRAMAN夏威夷世界锦标赛(ULTRAMAN Hawaii World Championships,2008年的完成者(整体第24名),2009年的完成者(整体第18名),2010年的完成者


IRONMAN夏威夷世界锦标赛(IRONMAN Hawaii World Championships



西澳大利亚IRONMAN(IRONMANWestern Australia,2007年的完成者

70.3 Honu,2009年的完成者(年龄组中第3名,获得参加Iroman世界锦标赛的资格),2010年的完成者

超长距离马拉松——希洛到火山(Ultramarathon – Hilo to Volcano,2008年的完成者(整体第9名)

ITU三项全能世界锦标赛(ITU Triathlon World Championships,2007年(第6名),2008年(第2名)

诺蒂卡纽约三项全能赛(The Nautica New York City Triathlon,2007年(第2名)

Duathlon – Pac Crest Endurance,2008年(年龄组第3名)

USAT (USA Triathlon)PC Athlete of the Year, 2008

美国三项全能赛USAT (USA Triathlon)年度PC运动员,2008

USAT (USA Triathlon) PC Athlete of the Year Finalist, 2007

美国三项全能赛USAT (USA Triathlon)年度入围PC运动员,2007







Twitter: (108,000 followers + top 5 for ultra endurance athletes)


Facebook: (5,000 followers)


Past Charity Events:

R[U]N Across America | 3,550 miles for Hurricane Sandy (72 days)

Journey for a Better World | 5,000 mile Run & Bike (102 days) Nike’s Better World Campaign